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There comes a time in every person's life when they must prove themselves. Face their fears. Become the person they were meant to be. And what better way to do this than by fighting a bear? Here at, we invite YOU to take charge. Be strong. Get ahead. Get up from your computer, put on your sensibly priced t-shirt, get out into the bush and do BATTLE with a BEAR.... someday...

Go to the "Future Bear Fighter" store.

The long-anticipated third run of "I Heart Separatists" shirts has arrived! The infamous logo can now be seen on a wide variety of products - the classic black T is accompanied by a variety of white ones, as well as a trucker hat, hoodies, buttons, and stickers. (We suggest the Value T. It's cheap.)

Go to the "I Heart Separatists" store.

Behold the majestic winged donkey of Albertan legend! This design features the mythic beast and a slogan we ripped off from some TV show.

Go to the flying donkey store.

"I've heard the screams of the cutlery, shoved into our mouths at meals, made to serve food without mercy, how do you think that feels?" Support the rights of utensils everywhere... go cutlery free. NO UTENSILS!!!

Go to the No Utensils store.

And what shall we eat without our utensils? Carrot sticks? You've got to be joking. So smile, toss away your cutlery, call over your waiter and as him to "BRING ME A MEAT"!

Go to the "Bring Me a Meat" store.

For the dedicated "We're Revolting!" fan, this line displays our lovely logos straight up. After the revolution we're sure everyone will be wearing them. So this is your chance to be a trendsetter.

Go to the "We're Revolting!" store.

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